White Bean Soup

A guest post by Heather Sullivan
Gluten-free /Dairy Free / Nut free.

Going out of town for a weekend is great, but always throws us off a little, so Monday was a leftovers day.  Tuesday I got my act together and we made this soup from Nurture’s list of recipes.  I’ve been involved with Nurture for a while now and they have SO many great recipes…this is one of my all time favorites (thanks Julia)!

To start, I soaked about 16 oz white beans overnight. (I actually started them around noon Monday and made the soup Tuesday morning).  Just make sure there is more than enough water covering the beans.

I then sauteed the following in some olive oil:

-1/2 yellow onion
-2 cloves of garlic
-3/4 of a bunch of celery chopped
-3/4 of a bag of carrots

then added:

-the beans
-a little less than a 32oz container of chicken broth (low sodium)
-a few teaspoons of chili powder
-a couple of tablespoons of thyme
-salt & pepper

and cooked the soup for 2.5+ hours covered on low.

-then pureed with a hand blender

I finished the bowls off with a splash of red wine vinegar…a must (thanks again, Julia)!  It really brightens the flavors of the soup.  Actually, I also added chia seeds, a squeeze of lemon (the Vitamin C increases the absorption of Iron from the beans) and Sriracha (b/c I’m a hot sauce addict…love it with beans!  And only to my bowl and my husband’s, NOT to Sam’s!!)  For more great recipes that are easy on the wallet and waist, check out Nurture’s website!

Nutrition Information per 2 cup serving

275 calories
6 g fat
42 g carbs
14 g protein
4 g fiber
& a good source of Vitamins A, C, Folate, B vitamins, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc,Calcium and Iron

Not bad for a soup that costs less than $15 and makes enough for about 6 people!
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