Veggie Sushi Rolls


It has still been hot here, and I have not felt like cooking much.  So last night I made some Veggie Sushi rolls (yes, this was the first time I’ve rolled my own rolls, thus they are not perfect looking!).  But they were good, and the trick was making “something sticky” to hold it all together.

Maybe next time I’ll get a bamboo roller and make my presentation a little better.  But these sure were tasty!

To make the “Sticky stuff”, process the following in a Cuisinart:
-1 cup nuts (I used walnuts since I had some leftover from the No Bake Key Lime Pie crust)
-1/2 jar sundried tomatoes (with oil)
-a handfull of fresh herbs (I had rosemary and basil;  you could improvise to modify the flavor, but I loved this combo)
-1/2 finger of ginger, peeled
-splash of lemon juice
-splash of soy sauce

Then I took this “sticky sauce” and rolled it in nori sheets with veggies I had on hand.  A bag of brocoslaw came in hand, along with some sliced avocados.  Or shred carrots, beets, cucumber, whatever you have an like.  Or let your kids choose!  Dip in soy sauce and enjoy.  Stay cool!


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