Veggie Sushi Rolls Version 2


It is still hot.  Not surprising, since it is August!  Do you feel like cooking?  I don’t.  So I’m working on my Veggie Sushi skills (you can see from that recipe picture that I have some work to do on my Nori sheet rolling skills.  I hope that practice makes perfect!

This time, I changed up the “sticky stuff”.  Here is what I mixed up (using my Cuisinart):

-4 oz pine nuts, soaked overnight and rinsed

-1/2 bunch of cilantro, washed and ends trimmed

-1/2 red bell pepper, de-seeded

This created a really refreshing and light sauce.  I put this in the Nori sheets, and rolled them with fresh herbs and veggies.   I used beets, carrots and zucchini that I cut into matchsticks using one of my Cuisinart blades.  We rolled these up and dipped them into gluten free soy sauce.  Delicious and refreshing!




  1. I am so said that I missed Lauri Bunting’s amazing cooking class today at Zenergy! Those of you that know me understand that I am the quintessential “efficient cook”. However, I am also the daughter of a Yale educated PHD in Biochemistry (in other words, I get that it has to made sense from a “scientific” point of view’. This extremely interesting information is from Nutritional Concepts of IL. I credit Bonnie and Steve fully for this info!
    Why do pineapple and blue cheese taste so great together? Lots of reasons, but a key one is that they both contain the flavor component methyl hexanoate.

    Chefs have learned through trial and error, and a good deal of intuition, which flavor combinations work well together. However, scientists have taken guesswork out of the equation and can identify food and ingredient pairings based on the principle that if the major volatile molecules of two foods/ingredients are the same, they might taste and smell nice when eaten together.

    The notion that certain food pairings probably have a molecular basis was first popularized by Firmenich scientist François Benzi and celebrity chefs such as Heston Blumenthal, who owns the Fat Duck restaurant in the UK. The two showed that caviar and white chocolate are a perfect match (possibly because they both contain trimethylamine), while strawberry works perfectly with coriander; banana with cloves; salmon with licorice; potato and coffee; cocoa and cauliflower; oysters and passion fruit, and so on.

    Some of the biggest names in food and beverage manufacturing now apply the science behind foodpairing to products you can buy at Jewel or Walmart.

    Bonnie: What are some other interesting combinations?
    Pita chips with hummus (chickpeas)
    Chocolate ganache with blue cheese
    Cucumber, tarragon, green tea and ginger – which make for an unusual mocktail
    Chocolate and fried onion
    Strawberries and parmesan
    Pears, lamb, dark chocolate an

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