Sundried Tomato Basil Pesto

We eat pesto almost all summer long in our house.  There are already recipes for pesto on the Healthy Kids Ideas Exchange (HKIE) website (see  Almond Pesto and Spinach Basil Pesto), but I realized that none of these recipes include a favorite addition of mine, sun dried tomatoes. So that got me thinking about this new post.  This post will not give you an exact recipe (like the others do);  it is simply a reminder to be creative when you are in the mood for pesto.

 When you are looking to looking to change up your favorite pesto recipe, remember that you have unlimited possibilities.  You can:

-Use toasted cashews, walnuts, almonds (or any kinds of nuts or seeds) instead of the typical pine nut
-You can use any kinds of greens (mustard greens, arugula, parsley and spinach are favorites along with the usual basil)
-You can add veggies that sound good to you (I like sun dried tomatoes, but roasted peppers are also good; I’m sure there are many other options)
-Try a variety of cheeses (you don’t have to just use parmesan)
-You can change up the spices…I’ve been using fennel seeds in my pesto as of late
-You can change up the oil.  Instead of just using olive oil, try an avocado oil or a bit walnut oil.

 Remember, just experiment!

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