Steamed Asparagus

I have felt like I’ve neglected posting recipes using the rice cooker lately (I’ve been extremely obsessed with my slow cooker).  But don’t get me wrong, my rice cooker is working all the time too!  You know that I believe that the term “rice cooker” is a very misleading name for this wonderful cooking gadget.  Its name leads you to believe that you should take it out only when you are cooking rice.  Wrong!  I use my rice cooker for making steel cut oats in the morning, all kinds of grains (which these days I add to soups), lentils, split peas, and more.  Yes, I even cook fish in my rice cooker!

 In honor of Easter, I’d like to post a quick recipe for steaming asparagus in the rice cooker.  This is a great technique if you are using your oven for other things, or just don’t want to watch a pot on the stove.  (If you are using an oven, see this great post from Juliette’s Wholesome Heart blog, which also has a wonderful video about asparagus).

 As for the recipe for Steamed Asparagus, it is simple—just put some water in the bottom of your rice cooker (maybe 2 inches or so), insert the steam basket, and place the washed asparagus in the steam basket.  (When I wash asparagus, I snap off the tough ends).  Press the switch on the rice cooker to “cook”, and give it about 10 minutes—it should be perfectly steamed.  Enjoy!

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