Starting Seeds with Kids

A guest post by Elizabeth Matlin
Snow may be on the ground, but sprouts are coming up for the flowers that we’ve planted indoors!  Starting seeds indoors is a great way to involve your kids—from mixing and dampening the soil, to filling the seedling trays, to carefully dropping a seed or two in each cell.  Kids can’t believe how tiny some seeds are, like impatiens flowers or coleus.  We always start flowers indoors (along with parsley) during February as it gives us a way to connect with the earth long before we can see it or get our hands into it outdoors.  The kids get a kick out of playing the violin “for the baby plants” (I’m serious about this, I have heard that classical music is good for plants) and watching them sprout and grow.  We’ve decided this year not to start broccoli and cauliflower (which should be started by now), as these were really hard to grow from seed in the past.  (We had great luck with the store bought plants though).  But starting from seed a few flower varieties, herbs, and then vegetables like tomatoes and peppers (start in March) is a great way to start getting excited about the spring.  There is nothing so tender and fresh as that first seedling that pops through the soil mix—we hover over our trays with great anticipation!

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