Self-Watering Containers Win!

If you have been reading this blog since Labor Day, you know that I’m doing a fun experiment with a “cold frame” (basically a green-house like structure but with no heat source).  What I also decided to experiment with was planting things in regular ceramic pots vs. planting in self-watering containers.  Self-watering containers have a reservoir for water at the bottom of the container, so the soil does not dry out, and the plants are encouraged to develop deep root systems to reach down to the water source at the bottom.  I have used self-watering containers in various places outside with great results.  I didn’t know, however,  how they would work inside the cold frame.  The difference is amazing…the pots on the right are regular ceramic pots and the ones on the left are self-watering!

And here is a tip for involving your kids:  since most kids love to water plants, make the watering of self-watering containers an even more fun game!  Have your kids put the hose on a “jet” setting and have them try to aim the stream at the hole in the side of the watering container (where you water from the bottom).  Have them fill this hole until it starts to overflow.  This activity seems like “target practice” to a young child, but for the mom it means getting an important chore done.  And from the beautiful, healthy appearance of our greens, they seem to be loving this fun method of watering!  What methods do you employ to involve your kids in gardening “chores”?   Please post a comment!

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