June Blooms

A guest post by Elizabeth Matlin
After sharing my “May Bouquet,” I thought it might be fun to post another  “Bouquet of the Month” with flowers from my backyard garden. This will hopefully give you more ideas of perennials to try in your own backyard. While I was snipping a favorite color combination of deep blue delphinium with citrus-colored butterfly weed, I realized the inspiration for this bouquet came from the garden itself. Years ago I planted the butterfly weed and more recently the taller delphinium behind it just because there was an empty space in the garden bed (a happy “accident”). Both flowers bloom at the same time and the juxtaposition of the two saturated shades—one warm and one cool—was breathtaking. I figured if they looked good “in nature” outside, they would also make an eye-catching flower arrangement in a vase. I tucked in a little German statice as an accent, too.

A benefit of snipping plants often is that this pruning action usually stimulates new growth and blooms creating a more lush plant. It’s a “use ‘em or lose ‘em” rule when it comes to many flowering plants, herbs and even vegetables. Without new growth, plants finish flowering, go to seed and complete their growth cycle for the season. So snip away and enjoy bringing a little of your garden’s beauty indoors.

Delphinium:  Also called Larkspur, this classic perennial prefers full sun and can grow up to 4-feet tall. Flowers range in color from deep lavender and medium blue to pale blue, pink and white.

Butterfly Weed: Part of the milkweed family, this drought-tolerant native perennial is non-invasive and easy to grow. Butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to its brilliant orange-yellow flowers, and it is an important food source for monarch butterfly caterpillars. Plant in full sun.

German Statice:  A statice plant makes a great addition to a sunny cutting garden. Sprays tucked into any bouquet add nice contrast and dimension and they are also easily dried. Statice is often used in professional floral arrangements.

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