June 2009: Personal Care Products Evaluation

I hope that you will all be enjoying some extra doses of Vitamin D (sunshine!) in the months to come.  We certainly appreciated the nice weather for our Spring Nurture celebration this past Saturday.  We were thrilled to see many of you (nearly 200!) there.  If you missed the event, you can take a look at the video presentation that was shown to provide an overview of Nurture’s work to-date. This video was written and produced by the very talented team of Jenniffer Weigel and Clay Champlain.*

Given my time commitments to the Nurture benefit, I have not exactly been at the wheel for Healthy Kids Ideas Exchange this month.  Luckily, I’ve turned things over to Laura Corcoran, a reader just like yourself.  Laura is a licensed aesthetician and the mother of two.  She used to work at a well known beauty products company and is familiar with the types of ingredients that go into many personal care products.  Becoming a mother made Laura all the more conscious of the importance of what we put on our skin (the largest organ in our bodies, through which we absorb a significant percentage of what we put on it).  She recently became a distributor for an organic personal care company from Australia, ONE Group.  When I first met with Laura, my jaw dropped when she gave me her website: www.nurtureyourself.mionegroup.com.   I thought it was pretty unusual that she has “Nurture” in her website (even though she has no connection to Nurture, the non-profit).  In any case, Laura’s passion for organic, natural personal care is easy to pick up right away.  We talked about all kinds of things, from lotions to lipstick (there are various reports –though I’m not sure how reliable they are—that state the women eat from four to ten pounds of lipstick in a lifetime—yuck!!).  The personal care products topic is a large and vast one, so Laura enlisted the help of her friend, Sara Valakas, who is a Certified Skin Care Specialist specializing in low toxin personal care products.  So a huge thank you to both Laura and Sara for helping us explore this important topic!


With the rising rates of cancer, diabetes, digestive and neurological disorders, we realize that we must wake up and take a stand for our health.  Many of us try to educate ourselves to change our lifestyles for the better by going the extra mile to work out, eat as organic as possible and use natural products.  I’d like to share some things I have discovered about personal care products and the potentially dangerous ingredients that are often used.  I’d also like to help you make more informed decisions when purchasing personal care products.  I’ll show you an example of a “personal care products evaluation”—we’ll go through an example make-up bag and find out about the toxic level of the products in it.  Finally, I’ll provide some links that will help you to purchase products that you know will be safe for your body.

Potential dangers of personal care products

Tips on buying safe products

Example personal care product evaluation

Recommended product links

I hope this information will help you make more informed decisions the next time you go shopping and in selecting your personal care products.  Share this information with loved ones and friends. My main goal and passion are to help people make educated and safe decisions and ultimately promote their health and better their lives.  If you still have questions, please feel free to contact me at 773-633-8790.  I would be happy to help you if you’d like further information.  Good luck to all of you in your own personal product evaluations!

To you and your family’s health!
Laura Corcoran

and further reading:
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*See more from Jen and Clay at www.staytunedwithjen.com

(1)There is an article in the May/June edition of Vegetarian Times called “Good enough to eat” –which discusses skin products based on fresh foods.  You have to store the products in the refrigerator.  Here are the products they highlighted:
-hydrating cleanse by Grateful Body: www.gratefulbody.com
-14 Carrot Glow by Iwi Fresh: www.iiwiifresh.com
-Blueberry Fusion Scrub by The Body Deli: www.thebodydeli.com
-Pure & Simple lip balms from Eco Lips: www.ecolips.com

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