Healthy Lunchtime Challenge Finalist Recipes

I am excited to share with you the exciting news that I may be on my way to the White House this summer with one of my kids!    I had read about The Healthy Lunchtime Challenge and Kids’ “State Dinner” contest on (part of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Initiative), and I was able to enter a lunch recipe for each of my children (Elena and Alexander).

 Please read more about the contest and judging process here:

 The exciting news is that BOTH of the recipes we entered were selected as “finalists”.  The way the contest works (there are three finalistst per state and we are two of them from Idaho), we now have a 67%  chance of winning!  …

…And goin’ to the White House, baby!

 If you would like to see the recipes we submitted, please check them out.

 Alexander’s recipe was a cross between these two recipes I posted prevously:

Enchilada Bake:

Enchie Pie:
Elena’s recipe was a classic for her and our family, Fiesta Casserole:

 We will definitely keep everyone posted as we learn the final outcome.  Keep your fingers crossed for Alexander and Elena!


  1. have you heard anything yet? we are finalists in Maryland. Still waiting to hear and I’m going NUTS! COngrats to you and your kds!

    • Have you heard anything yet…we are one of the finalists for Georgia, the rules said on the 16th, but Jen respsoned to one of my emails and stated the week of the 16th…like you going NUTS waiting.

    • So sorry that I’ve been away from the computer. I know everyone has been going nuts waiting on the final results of the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge contest. Last I heard, the judges were having a very hard time deciding, and they needed to extend the deadline. I heard that everyone will know for sure by this Tuesday, July 24th! I am crossing my fingers for the finalists from Georgia, Maryland, and Minnesota who commented. Please keep in touch!

  2. Have you heard anything yet? I got an email back on th 16th say that all winner will be notified this week.

    We are one of the finalists from Georgia. Thanks, hope one of your daugters win, wish it could be both.

    • I am crossing my fingers for you and your child from Georgia! I went to undergraduate at Emory, and I love the state of Georgia. Please keep in touch and good luck!

  3. My daughter is a finalist from Minnesota. I emailed the coordinator to check on this, and she said (Wednesday 7/18, PM) that the winners had not yet been notified, and she would be notifying them by email by the end of the week.

    • Hopefully we will be able to meet each other! We’ll know if we are on our way to the White House by the end of Tuesday, July 24th. Good luck, I’m crossing my fingers for you…

  4. Final update–the winners were announced today. Fiesta Casserole (Elena) won! We are excited to go to the White House next month. I’ll do a separate post where I’ll include press releases and other information. I can’t wait to share the recipe book with all the winning recipes, as well.

  5. We won too, can’t wait to go to the White House, Haley’s Stuffed Zucchini Boat.

  6. We won too from Kentucky can’t wait to you all.

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