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This entry comes from nine-year old Elena.  She would like to share with you her experience attracting toads to our garden.  Every spring, she puts out flower pots (put on their side and half bury in the soil) for them to live in.  Toads love this source of shade.  She knows that toads “love mud” so she makes the ground muddy by watering it and creating pools where water can accumulate.  She loves the toads so much, we have periodically “taken-in” toads as pets (requiring twice-weekly visits to the pet store for live crickets, so think again before you try this at your own home!), and then we release them back to the garden.  Elena is having a great time and connecting with nature, but she is also being a great helper in our garden!  Toads act as a great method of insect control in your garden. They thrive on insects and can eat thousands of them. They are a great alternative to the use of pesticides, so build your own “toad house” and put out the welcome sign!


  1. Elizabeth M. says:

    Elena, thank you so much for sharing your tips for attracting toads to the garden! I’m going to try it! Do the half-buried flower pots need to be placed in the shade or can they be in a sunnier spot? I’ll let you know if anyone moves in–I have plenty of mosquitoes and slugs for food 🙂 –Elizabeth

    • Kathryn says:

      The flower pots should be in the shade, especially in the begining of the season when the plants are not yet tall. If it is a little in the sun that is OK because the flower pot creates shade. Just keep it moist! 🙂 Elena

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