Fruit and Nut Clusters


Now that we’ve finally gotten some great snow in Sun Valley, I find myself spending at least a few hours at the mountain as often as  I can.  I am not one of those people that like to have lunch at the mountain lodges, however, because 1) the food served often resembles “fast food” like hamburgers, pizza and fries and 2) I want to make the most of my ski time!

But I also want to fuel up for my adventures, and I want my hubby and kids to have something nutritious and filling available.  Thus, I set out to invent something that fits the requirements, including that I could put it in my pocket!  Thus Fruit and Nut Clusters were invented.   They are delicious!  Very versatile  too—I am dreaming about endless possibilities with different kinds of nuts and/or fruits.  You might want to figure out a way to substitute or reduce the amount of butter if you are on the alert for saturated-fat.  But I love butter!  We all have to have our indulgences.

What you’ll need:

-Nuts (I used a 1 pound bag of raw almonds)
-dried fruit (I used a bag and a half of dried apricots)
-1 stick of butter, melted
-½ cup honey
Optional:  seasoning like cinnamon, or an extract like vanilla


Blend the nuts and dried fruit in a Cuisinart until chunky.  Add all  ingredients to mix together.

Press into a baking dish (I used 3 pie dishes because that is what I had clean) and bake at 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes, until the nuts are starting to brown.

When the dish has cooled, break into pieces and store in the fridge.  Then wrap some up for your pocket and go on a long calorie-burning adventure!

We now fondly refer to this as “mountain food!”

Be well!

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