Fiesta Casserole and Food and Fun

IMG_0466At the December Food and Fun lesson for middle school students at Community School, we wanted to have a FIESTA and make Fiesta Casserole.  This dish is a favorite with the kids, and they were thrilled to learn that they can easily make it themselves.  We cooked our quinoa and brown rice in rice cookers so that the whole grains were warm and ready to go at lesson time.  The kids added the cottage cheese, chopped cilantro, beans, salsa and seasoning.


The kids loved smelling the spices and deciding how much to add (more or less than the recipe says?… it’s OK!).

IMG_0469We finished mixing all the ingredients and, instead of baking the casseroles in the oven, we put the mixture into two slow cookers on high for an hour.

IMG_0458This rendered the classmates a perfect addition to their lunches that day… fiesta casserole served hot on a cold day!

This recipe was also the Idaho winner for the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge.
Please click here to download Elena’s Fiesta Casserole Recipe from the Epicurious recipe book.

A huge thank you to Paula Visteurs for volunteering her time and expertise to this Food and Fun lesson!

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