February 2011: Chicken Thighs in Chili Tomato Sauce

A guest post by Nurture
We’re thankful for the short month of February, with that little gem of Valentine’s Day right in the middle.  Instead of making dinner reservations for your sweethearts, big and small, surprise them with a home cooked meal that will fill your kitchen with a mouthwatering aroma.  Chicken Thighs in Chili Tomato Sauce is easy on the budget, quick to prepare and simmers in the slow cooker. The chipotle chilies give the sauce a smoky kick.  Use less for a milder sauce or more if you like it hot!  Serve over brown rice and with a tossed salad.  The perfect dessert?  A heart-shaped box of chocolates, of course.  Please click the link to view the full “Chicken Thighs in Chili Tomato Sauce” recipe (PDF in English) (PDF in Spanish).

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