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Summer Snacks on a Stick

It is officially picnic time!  What a great coincidence, since this month’s newsletter takes a new twist on finger foods: summer snacks on a stick!  One of the most important things to remember when feeding kids is that presentation is a huge part of the experience. Your kids won’t try a new food?  Present it in a totally different manner and see what happens!  Remember also … [Read more...]

Summer Seasonal Eating

 Summer is a time when we need to make meal and snack choices that will help our bodies and our kids bodies to cool down and stay hydrated.  It is a great time of year to enjoy all the amazing fresh and local produce that is overflowing in the garden and in the stands at the farmers’ market.  It is time of year when everyone at my house downs bowls of gazpacho and eats salad on … [Read more...]

Learn to be Ad Smart!

Last week with kids in the Idaho I Have a Dream program, I explored a very powerful topic as related to food—advertising.  Children are exposed to over 20,000 advertisements per year (about 55 ads per day). I pulled information for my lesson from a previous Healthy Kids post. In this post, we will take a look at several advertisements for food and beverages and discuss … [Read more...]

Eat Your Veggies!

On a webinar this morning with Dr. Ann Kulze, she reviewed strategies for encouraging kids to try new foods. *Repeat.  It can take between 8 and 15 exposures for a child (or adult!) to be open  to trying a new food. *Strategic pairing.  Add new foods with foods that your child already likes. *Bridging.  Don't go straight to the hearty, nutty breads if you are eating white. … [Read more...]

Breakfast Make-Over

If you have school age kids, you might remember the “buzz” around the Standardized Achievement Tests that are given in the Spring.  My daughter’s third grade class went through their tests just this past month.  My daughter’s teacher recognizes the importance of a healthy, balanced breakfast (as she can see the difference in students’ behavior, attention and performance when … [Read more...]

Celebrate Food and Culture

I have talked before about how “food is fuel” and how we can choose foods that make our bodies “Go!”.  We need to eat food to grow, to heal, and to sustain our energy levels for our favorite activities.  But we also eat to taste (because food is one of the wonderful pleasures of life), to celebrate, and to carry on family traditions and customs.  This past month, I had the … [Read more...]

What is the Best Produce for Your Family?

(Re-Posted from February 2010).  Happy Ground Hog Day!   It’s snowing today, but we’ve had a recent thaw here in Chicago (we’d actually been able to see the grass/ground recently).  That sight of green got me thinking about seeds and gardening.  (It’s actually time to start thinking about planting seeds indoors already!).  Last month’s newsletter was about Community Supported … [Read more...]

Today is Food Day- October 24th

Through my involvement in Nurture, I have been involved with Food Day (October 24th) for the past 5 years.  Today I'm headed over to the Wood River YMCA's new greenhouse to serve up a recipe I'll call "Green Goblin Smoothie" since we are days away from Halloween.  Here is the recipe. Need some additional resources for Food Day? Guide for School … [Read more...]

A Special Offer to Support a Special Cause

Healthy Kids has a fun and special offer for you!  When you buy Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes through Amazon on a special day-September 28th-  you’ll receive a FREE multi-media product (valued at over $100) tying together the six mantras to yoga and mindfulness practices! Need another reason to buy the book?  It hit #1 Amazon New Release during … [Read more...]

Fall/Winter Seasonal Eating

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures cooler.  Time to call back our seasonal eating expert, Katherine Sumner, to tell us about the ways we can optimize our diets in these colder months to come.  Katherine was a guest columnist in April when she wrote about Spring seasonal eating. This month, you will read about yummy, warming and comforting fall/winter foods.  … [Read more...]