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Winter Greens with Citrus Dressing

This is a wonderful side dish for the winter months when you crave just a little more color and zest.  Grab the best and freshest greens you can find and make this dressing: Ingredients: 1/4 cup fresh orange juice 2 T fresh lime juice 2 T fresh lemon juice 2 T rice wine vinegar 2 T honey 1/2 t sea salt 1/3 cup olive oil 1 T fresh chopped parsley 1 t fresh thyme … [Read more...]

Are We Eating Roundup with Our Wheat?

A friend recently forwarded an article to me about wheat (thank you Julie!).  The article focused on uncovering the reason that US wheat tends to bother people (especially gastrointestinal disorders), yet when they eat wheat in Europe they have no symptoms.  I thought I'd share this article here on my Garden Tales blog, as I have recently blogged about the importance of … [Read more...]

Organic Lawn Care

Here in the Wood River Valley of Idaho, we have a wonderful program called Trout Friendly Lawn.  The mission of this program, created by the Wood River Land Trust, is a big broader than the idea of not putting chemicals on your lawn.  Water conservation is also a key part part of the program, as is the use of native plants. When we put in our own lawn, we hydro-seeded … [Read more...]

A Tale of a New Garden

I'm so excited that after three years of being in rental houses, we are finally settled in to our own house and property.  Back when I first started Healthy Kids Exchange and the blog area Garden Tales, we were living in the Midwest in an entirely different climate.   In Illinois we lived on an acre property that we turned into our own little "farm" with multiple vegetable … [Read more...]

Fun with Greens

We've finally settled into our new home in Ketchum,  Idaho, and of course a main priority was getting some greens planted right away.  Yes, this is the easiest way to get a start on edible gardens.   Growing Greens is so easy and provides such rewards. I love when kids come over to visit, and they are immediately attracted to the small greens garden we have in our back yard. … [Read more...]

Putting Beds To Rest

It is said that Fall is the best time for amending the soil and getting the garden ready for an early planting next spring.  So we have been busy here in our garden “putting the beds to rest”.  My kids have had an important role in this affair, and you can see Elena here with the beds starting to fill with leaves as the fall crops diminish. Here is what we did to put our … [Read more...]

Green Tomato-ville

This past weekend we decided it was time to pull out tomato plants and start putting our garden to rest.  It has been such a wonderful and warm fall, but we know the cold weather is right around the corner, and we may not feel like spending hours in the garden.  So we went out as a family team and pulled the tomato plants out of the ground, composting the leaves and stems and … [Read more...]

100% Green Halloween?

If you feel like Halloween is a wonderful holiday --but you wonder about all the waste and excess-- here is an idea that came to us at the last minute this year:  a 100% “green” Halloween costume!  It is also a great way to get your kids thinking of all the wonderful reasons to have a home garden.  We had entered our dog, Black Jack, in the Spooky Pooch parade at the Chicago … [Read more...]

Self-Watering Containers Win!

If you have been reading this blog since Labor Day, you know that I’m doing a fun experiment with a “cold frame” (basically a green-house like structure but with no heat source).  What I also decided to experiment with was planting things in regular ceramic pots vs. planting in self-watering containers.  Self-watering containers have a reservoir for water at the bottom of the … [Read more...]

Cold Frame is Heaven for Swiss Chard

First, I must say that I feel like I’ve been cheating a bit with my cold frame experiment, since the weather in Chicago has been really (unseasonably) warm this October! But I am loving my cold frame anyway, as it has dipped close to 40 degrees for a few nights this month. My lettuces, beets, carrots, tat soi, arugula and chard are all doing great in our cold frame. What is … [Read more...]

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