June 2010: Bulgur Chickpea Salad

A guest post by Nurture
This month’s Nurture recipe is grain-based and, in anticipation for warmer weather, is an easy salad you can make for lunch or dinner.  We use bulgur here — quick to prepare in a rice cooker, as we do in our classes, or on a stove top.  At Nurture we try to create recipes that can act as complete meals, so chickpeas are included to add protein.  But if you want to use this salad as a side dish, you can eliminate them.  The red peppers add crunch and color, but we also found that toasted almonds, either sliced, chopped or slivered, taste wonderful with the spinach, green onions and mandarin oranges. The dressing has a few shakes of Tabasco in it — just enough to notice the tang of chile peppers.  If you like that lovely heat, add a few shakes more!  We’ve served this salad at several outreach functions and have had a continuous stream of requests for the recipe ever since.

Please click here to view the full “Bulgur Chickpea Salad” recipe (PDF).

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