Beginner’s Soup

Gluten-free/dairy free/nut-free.  I recently asked a dear friend of mine (who is also an amazing cook–yes you Julia!) what she and her family were eating these days.  She said she was on a roll with a “Miso and Greens Soup” (I’ll share with you the recipe in an upcoming blog).  Her son is a great eater, and I was thinking that I really need to get my kids to be soup lovers.  Really, I could eat soup every day during the winter.  (Julia said she is enjoying her soup for breakfast!).  So to get my kids into the ranks of soup-lovers, I ran a series of experiments using some of their favorite veggies–also adding some that are not their favorites (ha!).  Here is what I’m going to call “Beginner’s Soup” because, come on, this is pretty boring stuff.  But they ate it, and that is what matters:

-1 pound washed and chopped carrots–I put them in olive oil in the slow cooker on high for about 20 minutes, before adding:
-1 bag of frozen brocoli (or use fresh if you have it on hand)
-1 box of frozen spinach (or use fresh if you have it on hand)
-1 box of chicken or veggie broth (32 oz)
-1 can of diced tomatoes 

That is it.  You could of course add garlic, onions, a million other types of veggies, a grain a protein source… the options are unlimited.  But I found that with my kids, the simplier the better.  They even asked me to make it again (without the tomatoes!?) so Iobliged.  And they ate it, and I’m happy.  And it was so easy–thank you slow cooker!

Please comment on what kinds of soup your kids love!

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