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Healthy Kids Ideas Exchange is the home of the many online resources that Kathryn Guylay and a team of passionate women have been working on since 2008.  This extensive network of online resources includes:

  • Radio Shows.  Featured on Ketchum community radio station KPDP 89.3FM, Kathryn hosts a bi-weekly radio show featuring wellness experts from around the country.
  • Nutrition and Wellness Resources.   Newsletters, which date back to 2008, cover various topics related to health and often feature commentary from various experts in the field of nutrition and health.
  • Recipes.  Organized by season, nutritional profile (see Delicious and Nutritious for healthy recipes and Sweet Treats for those indulgences in moderation), and by type of cooking equipment used.  Searchable with common allergies and dietary needs in mind.
  • Gardening Tips.  With such an important connection between healthy eating and understanding where one’s food comes from, the Garden Tales blog (launched in 2009) provides advice on how to get your hands dirty and productive in the garden.

Kathryn Guylay, Founder

Kathryn Guylay, MBA, CNC is a management consultant, Certified Nutritional Counselor, and proud mother of two. Healthy eating habits, lots of fresh air and exercise have always been important to Kathryn.  She has been interested in the field of nutrition ever since she was a child, growing up in a household run by a Biochemist (her Dad).  While raising her own family, Kathryn became interested in educating others, particularly those with limited economic resources, on issues related to children and family health and wellness. She founded non-profit Nurture, focused on providing nutrition and health education to low-income families, in 2008 and serves as the organization’s Executive Director.  She reaches a broader audience, including corporations, through Health Solutions of Sun Valley.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 9.10.10 AMKathryn is a big fan of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! and is proud to participate in several areas of the initiative.  In 2012 she was awarded a grant through the Chefs Move to Schools initiative, and she also participated with daughter Elena as a winner in the 2012 Healthy Kids Lunchtime Challenge.  Kathryn has also participated as a local ambassador to her community for the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution and the Center for Science in the Public Interest (Food Day).  Kathryn is always excited by opportunities to encourage change that creates optimal wellness.

Kathryn is also an avid gardener and is interested in community-supported agriculture and sustainable farming methods.  Kathryn’s other passions include running, skiing, playing the piano, practicing yoga, eco-minded living, cooking and baking.

Currently Kathryn can be found in Ketchum, Idaho enjoying a healthy life in the mountains.

Featured Guest Contributors

Juliette Britton
Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 8.16.06 AMJuliette Britton is a Registered Dietician living in Colorado.  Juliette loves food and believes in its ability to energize, protect, heal, and unite.  Can food really do all that?  In Juliette’s opinion, absolutely!  She has witnessed firsthand how small changes in one’s diet can significantly transform a life.   Juliette is the proud mother of two children.
Juliette is also a founding board member of Nurture.


Julia Dunn Goodhouse

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 8.17.14 AMJulia Dunn Goodhouse is an avid home cook with special interests in recipe development, health and nutrition.  Most recently as a public relations professional, she managed accounts for clients in transportation, retail, local government, and commercial real estate industries.  For four years she was a volunteer and eventually a staff member for a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable agriculture and education. She also spent over five years in film and television production.  She is a graduate from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA, with a degree in Communication Arts.   She is a founding board member of Nurture.

Elizabeth Matlin

Food professional and avid gardener Elizabeth Matlin has been playing in the dirt since childhood. Thanks to a bachelor’s degree in food/nutrition and a twist of fate, she landed in cookbook publishing where she worked as an editor and executive. Today, she freelances from home in her bunny slippers editing and developing recipes, and writing about food. (Yes, she and her husband eat very well and workout a lot!). While Elizabeth has been growing herbs and flowers forever, she started planting vegetables over a decade ago when she acquired a plot at Wilmette’s community garden (Illinois). The merging of cook and vegetable gardener has been pure joy!  For more on Elizabeth’s gardening story and her tips for beginning vegetable gardeners, check out the March 2009 issue of Healthy Kids Monthly Newsletter.)


Heather Sullivan, R.D.

Heather  is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist working in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  Heather specializes in helping her clients incorporate holistic approaches to achieve healthy lifestyle changes.  Heather also consults with local businesses to create healthier menus and use greener practices and writes Green & Plenty on blogspot, a journey about healthy living for the modern family.  Heather selects specific content from her blogspot to post on Healthy Kids Ideas Exchange’s Healthy Recipes.   Heather can be reached at hshealthsolutions@gmail.com.

Elizabeth Thomas

Elizabeth is a mother of three children who is passionate about cooking and creating healthy, delicious meals for her family. Like most moms, she is has limited time to spend grocery shopping or in the kitchen so she is always looking for ways to simplify the process. Elizabeth writes a blog, Simple Dinners For Less (http://simpledinnersforless.blogspot.com ), where she posts dinner menus and recipes with ingredients that are on sale in the local grocery stores, and shares her tips for saving time and money while getting dinner on the table. Elizabeth selects specific content from her blogspot to post on Healthy Kids Ideas Exchange’s Healthy Recipes. Elizabeth spent many priceless years in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother and she believes that every child should learn to cook for themselves. It is one of the keys to fighting childhood obesity and nothing brings a family together like food! She hopes to inspire children and adults to get in their kitchens and discover the joy of cooking.

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