May 2011: Arugula Salad on Tomato Plates

A guest post by Nurture
Need another reason to come to our Grow Your Own Food event on May 10?  Maybe you’ll want to try this amazing new “Harvest Recipe”?  This amazingly delicious dish was developed by our food committee to incorporate the fresh, home grown ingredients that we will be providing (as plants and/or seeds) to participants of the 2011 Grow Your Own Food Program with Family Network.  Each participant family will receive a planter for greens (arugula and others), a planter for tomatoes (the plant seedlings are being grown by the elementary school age children of Nurture’s Executive Director), a tomato cage, organic potting soil, and organic fertilizer.  During our educational session on 5/10, we want to demonstrate not only how easy it is to grow fresh foods, but how wonderfully they come together to please the palate.  Tastings will be served at the event!  Please remember to RSVP for the May 10 to Allison Farnen at Allifarnen@aol.comClick here for the full Arugula Salad on Tomato plates recipe!

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