100% Green Halloween?

If you feel like Halloween is a wonderful holiday –but you wonder about all the waste and excess– here is an idea that came to us at the last minute this year:  a 100% “green” Halloween costume!  It is also a great way to get your kids thinking of all the wonderful reasons to have a home garden.  We had entered our dog, Black Jack, in the Spooky Pooch parade at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, and there was a contest category of Best Horticultural Interpretation.  Since it is that time of year when tomato plants need to be pulled and gardens put to bed for the winter, we took many stems and wrapped them around dog and child.  Our daughter was thrilled to have a matching costume, and she was proud that it was something truly homemade (we grew the plants from seeds).  She walked through the parade announcing to everyone, “This is Black Jack, dressed as a Black Cherry Tomato plant—hooray for fruits and vegetables!”.  After all the fun at the parade (even though he didn’t win in his category), we came home and composted both costumes!

I am so proud of Elena and Black Jack.  Please read this article here!


  1. Jeff Guylay says:

    I LOVE IT!

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